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Renewable Energy

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SixTrack is one of the leading solar integrators in the country offers creative and innovative strategies to help clients realize the many benefits of solar photovoltaic (PV). We are a broad based renewable energy company with in-house expertise in all aspects required for the successful delivery of PV projects; from technical, development and construction and O&M expertise.

SixTrack specializes in the design, sales and installation of solar equipment and systems for residential, commercial, institutional and government customers. We employ specialist engineers, electricians, architects which allow us to provide customers with a sole-source for turn-key photovoltaic systems. The 21st Century must be the solar century

Benefits of Solar

  • Good investment:  Buying a solar system makes financial sense with a short payback time and good return on investment in countries that provide feed-in tariff or tax-credits and other incentives..
  • Reliable: Solar modules are easy to install, require little maintenance and come with a 25-year warranty.
  • Energy independence: Electricity is produced where it is consumed.
  • Environmentally friendly: People want to preserve the earth’s resources and reduce pollution; buying a solar system contributes to protecting the environment.
  • Solar is the fastest growing energy source in the world. It’s more affordable, more efficient, and more reliable than ever.

We are specialized in:

  • Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies & Business Plans
  • Residential – Integrating renewable energy systems into existing homes and new construction.
  • Commercial – Larger systems designed to address greater energy requirements like Telecom sector, irrigation etc.
  • Solar pumps solutions for irrigation
  • Lights  for home, office, garden, street
  • Project Management
  • Installation & Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance


Contact us

  • Address: TA 137/1, 3rd Floor, BIR Uttam A.K.Khandaker (Badda Link) Road, Ghulshan 1, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
  • Phone: +88 02 9898101, +88 01760 400707
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