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Mr. Md. Kamruzzaman, Chairman

Md. Kamruzzaman, the chairman of SixTrack Ltd. is one of the founders who played a pivotal role from the very incipience of SixTrack Company Ltd. Mr. Kamruzzaman , graduated in Electrical and Electronics engineering thereafter trained in different disciplines including cellular network planning, optimization and roll out, project management , business management ; has been involved in cellular technology and worked for different equipment vendors and operators in key positions. He played key role from incipience up to commercially viable operation of different business entities in different countries. Being always a visionary, forward looking and used to make things happen. By heart longing the prosperity of the society, looking forward to working for the betterment of the different segment of society with the motto of continuous strive for excellence.

Mr. Mohammad Kamrul Islam, Managing Director

Manaing Diretor of SixTrack Ltd. was born in 1973. He is a MBA in 2002 in Markeing discipline. His career started up with Rangs Group and subsequently joined in Kallol Group of Companies. Mr. Kamrul joned in Afghan Wireless Communication Company (a subsidiary company of TSI, NJ, USA) in Afghanistan as a Sales Manager. As a Sales Manager, worked with multi-cultural management like Afghan, Indian, Pakistani, Phillippine, Germany, UK & USA etc. As a Sales Manager he has been generating to make strategic plan, set company goal and objective, decision making to overcome crucial moment, roll out plan for new business heights, take corrective action to save irreparable loss. Finally hits company revenue. He has got well experience while on visiting UK, Germany, Switzerland, Egypt, Dubai, Malaysia during his career life and enriched his knowledge and experience as well.

Mr. Mohammad Nazrul Islam, Director – Operations

Born in 1973 Mr. Mohammad Nazrul Islam son of Mohammad Nurul Haque completed his B.Sc. Engineering (Electrical and Electronics) in 1998. He worked around 12 years in different reputed organizations in home and abroad in the field of Operation and Maintenance and thereafter joined SixTrack Ltd. as Operation Director. He has visited several countries for professional training and business purpose like Germany, France, Chaina, Dubai, India etc.

Mr. Mohammad Anowar Hossain, Director – HR & Admin & IT

Born in 1974 Mr. Mohammad Anowar Hossain son of Mohammad Mohiuddin had completed MSS (Master of Social Science) and Post Graduate of Electronics and Computer Science. He gained valuable experience by being involved on ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Multinational Organizations. Above 14 years experiences gathered on GSM and ISP business as Administrative/ Management level. He achieved lots of professional certifications on Microsoft, Cisco, APNIC, NSN etc. regarding service quality development on 3G/LTE networking fields. He also attended lots of international seminars/workshops like IGF, APRICOT etc. in India, Germany, Dubai, Pakistan etc. Mr. Hossain accepted the responsibilities as Director – HR & Admin & IT of the SixTrack Ltd.

Mrs. Fazle Naznin Akter, Director – Business Development

Fazle Naznin Akter joined SixTrack Company Ltd. as a Business Development Director and member of the board of directors as well; She has completed her M.Sc in Geography and brought a wide range of experience in business development and business growing aspects. She traveled many countries spread over the continents; She is also a baccalaureate in education which is blended a fine tune of growth of company and educational culture which brings a new dimension of growth prospective of a SixTrack Company Ltd.

Mr. Mohammad Zakir Hossain, Director – Finance

Director – Finance & accountants completed his Diploma in Electrical Engineering in 1992 and also Masters of Social Science in 1998. He worked around 14 years in different Telecommunication organizations (PSTN & GSM) in home and abroad in the field of Operation and Maintenance and thereafter joined SixTrack Ltd. as Finance and Accounts Director. He has visited several countries for professional training and business purpose like Malaysia, Dubai, Qatar,Afghanistan etc.


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