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Who We Are

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SixTrack Company Limited is a “Technology based and service oriented  Organization” formed by talented & well experienced engineers and business professionals, full of energy and experience who have been leader in  country and abroad in their respective arena holding key and decision making positions in the world leading companies. They got together and formed a company to share experience so that they diversify the business and services of the latest technology in the world. Six track company Limited brings together the experts and team leaders from the industry of “Renewable Energy & Power solution, Telecommunication and Information Technology” to serve the nation and the society in the best possible way.

Bangladesh is a fast growing country where power demand is tremendous to meet her growth hungry where is conventional power sources are not adequate hence looking for renewable energy and alternative power sources; we are here to do the same to ensure  the demand in alternative way. GOB is going for digital arena and with the same motto we are here to support transforming the country to a digital age with modern technology by bringing state of the IT and telecommunication solutions.

SixTrack Ltd. works dynamically in the challenging fields with their professional personnel trained from Europe, Africa and Asia in different sector of latest technology rendering our consultancy in Power solution and Renewable Energy, IP, IT, Transmission backbone, GSM/LTE including RF planning and optimization, RAN infrastructure, rollout and integration.


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  • Address: TA 137/1, 3rd Floor, BIR Uttam A.K.Khandaker (Badda Link) Road, Ghulshan 1, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
  • Phone: +88 02 9898101, +88 01760 400707
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